iDontix X-Floss Lite

iDontix X-Floss Lite

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PikstersiDontix X-Floss Lite 30s

X-Floss lite® is an excellent soft thinner floss for tighter spaces and excellent cleaning of implants, braces, retainer wires and bridges. It has a firm nylon threader which makes inserting the floss easy.

Who can use X-Floss lite®?
X-Floss lite® is perfect for reaching those hard to get into places, such as single implants, bridges, retainer wires and braces.

Benefits and features of X-Floss lite®

  • The floss is thicker than normal floss, but thinner than X-Floss which makes it easier to insert into tighter spaces.
  • The floss is soft, flattens out when under tension and cleans effectively.
  • The firm nylon threader that won’t buckle is attached to the floss. This makes threading the floss very easy.