Playing Sport? Protect your Smile

To celebrate the return of grassroots sports, we spoke to our specialist prosthodontist Raelene Sambrook from Angle House Enfield about protecting your teeth with a sports mouthguard.

SafeJaws Fangz Mouthguard

"Sport is a great way to stay fit and healthy. With some sports though, there is a risk that your teeth might get knocked. The consequences of this can be disastrous. So if you are playing sport, protect your smile by wearing a mouth guard.

Mouth guards (also known as sports guards or gum shields) are a protective device that you wear over your teeth. If you accidentally receive a blow to your mouth, the mouthguard protects both your teeth and lips from damage. For people who play contact sport, the risk of trauma to your teeth and mouth is very high. But for other sports, an accident might happen.

There are many different types of sports mouth guards available. It is a good idea to speak with your dentist or orthodontist about the best one for you. The recommendation will be based on your age, stage and type of orthodontic treatment, and on the sport that you play.

How should a mouth guard fit?

  • The sports mouthguard that provides the most protection is a CUSTOM-made mouthguard. This type is designed to fit your teeth specifically. Your dentist/orthodontist will need to take moulds of your teeth to have this type made.
  • An alternative is the BOIL and BITE type of mouthguard. These sports mouth guards will need to be shaped, by you, to fit your teeth.
  • The last type is an over-the-counter or preformed type. These do not always fit well and offer limited protection.

When should you wear a mouth guard?

We recommend that you wear your mouthguard during training, games and competition. It is important to wear the mouthguard the whole time you are playing – an accident could happen at any time. As the CUSTOM-made mouthguard fits your teeth specifically, it is often the most comfortable for you to wear - which means you are more likely to wear it. The more you wear your mouthguard, the more you get used to it and then it feels normal to wear it while playing sport.

Accidents do happen. Mouth guards won’t stop accidents, but they will reduce the risk of tooth and lip damage. Therefore, if you are playing sport, protect your smile by wearing a mouthguard."

Mouth Guards

Our range of mouthguards ensures a great fit and the best protection for your teeth.

Shock Doctor Mouth Guard
The SafeJawz Mouth Guard is a boil & bite mouthguard that fits over braces and also comes in a 'Fangz' design.

The Shock Doctor Gumshield is designed for braces and fits around upper & lower teeth brace brackets.

The Ortho-Care Mouthguard is an affordable ready-fitted gum shield in a range of colours and sizes for growing children.